1. Yeah that happened around 2006-09. They were planning a new geothermal power plant that uses heat from the earth to run a steam turbine. It turned out that the optimal place to build it was already occupied by those buildings. They talked about knocking them down, but people freaked because it would screw up the historic Cleveland skyline. The compromise was just shifting everything over a few blocks. There’s some really cool before and after photos out there. Just Google “Cleveland steamer pics”

      edit: http://i.imgur.com/RtnggUE.gifv

      1. I’ve been scrolling through these pics for the last half hour. These are fascinating thanks for the suggestion!

      2. Also, this lead to the discovery of a new hydraulic technology since there’s no hydraulic powerful enough that can handle the project.

        The head of tech,Robert Berger, is now employed by Falcon X to design portable anchoring mechanism for their landing platforms.

    2. That is what’s known as perspective. Because these pictures are 17 years apart, OP has had a lot of life experiences that shaped them as a person. That gives them a totally different perspective, which makes the buildings look like they’ve moved.

  1. I was just at the Tower City Bath and Body Works an hour ago!!!

    Congrats on graduating and here’s to the future!

    1. Haha, I agree. Cleveland is more fascinating than people give us credit for. Thank you for your kind words.

    1. The times do change awfully quick. I work at a summer camp and every now and then my kids make ME feel old…

        1. Sincerely. I’m 36 and kids that are 20-26 seem like babies to me nowadays. Our frames of reference are not aligned. We grew up in a different day and age, and there is no common denominator on world events from the past to sync us up. Plus they have fewer work, life experiences to draw their world view from so that is skewed as well. Really interesting how time flies and we change.

  2. But wait, that was only a few years ago, and now you’re a grown-up……..oh shit 2000 was nearly 20 years ago…………holy fucking shit…….

    Sorry, I meant: Adorable photo!!

  3. It’s not a knock on Cleveland, it’s just we would probably have less a-holes in Charlotte if it had grown

  4. I really love these kind of photo’s! Wish I had some of myself but I guess I just have to wait until I make a family of my own.

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