1. Just doing some math – you were born in 1996.
    That makes your mom 21+(1996-1982)=35, when she had you.
    You will do the same – and your daughter should take the same pic in 2042 which she is 21!

    Now that’s a phone reminder set up calculation.

    1. 2052. Easier way:

      2017 – 1982 = 35
      2017 + 35 = 2052

      OP will be 35 in 2031, OP’s baby would only be 11 in 2042.

    1. Global warming. More water. OP’s child will never have the opportunity to do this because everyone will be forced to live on Mars. Photo will be replicated by Ninja Turtle.

      1. No, it’s actually because there is significantly less pollution today thanks to the clean air act. Smog is well known to act as a lens which makes objects at a distance appear closer and since there is much less smog today we see things in much more accurate perspective.

        Source: I science and shit.

  2. You have better posture! Congrats! Your fabulous prize will be…a deceased likelihood of lower back problems! Maybe. Sometimes. Not a doctor, not making promises.

  3. Tried to get in before anything too rude. Two beautiful women, and it’s really cool that you got to do a modern recreation. Nice.

      1. Well the South side of Chicago

        Is the biggest part of town

        And if you go down there

        You better just beware

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        Now Big Butt more than trouble

        You see she stand ’bout five foot four

        All the downtown men call her “Tree Trunk Lover”

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  4. Love it, but would be better with similar hair and outfit! And let redditors edit in PS for a vintage feel. Boom!

  5. The pollution in the 80s were so bad. Just look at it, ugh! But if you compare these 2 photos it really shows how well recycling does for our planet and in just 30 years as well! Amazing

    1. I also believe pollution is much less than it used to be and that is great, but this particular photo a lot of it could just be the camera and weather.

  6. the camera used in 1982 had a higher tele setting which makes the composition more appealing…
    but your’s a higher resolution so there’s that 🙂

    edit: relooked at the picture and changed my mind

  7. Aww I love Hyde Park! Used to live a block from the point, now on the north side a few miles from the lake. I miss it.

  8. I have a picture of my wife and I at that exact same spot. I should make the kid recreate it when he’s married!

    1. I think it’s just the different focal length of the different cameras that makes the city look farther away in the second picture

      1. Yeah, that could be it. I don’t know much about cameras though so I wasn’t sure if they could do that 🙂

        Is that you OP, or did you find this pic somewhere else?

        1. It’s me 🙂

          My mom actually gave me the camera that was used to take the first photo, so I think next time I visit Chicago, I’ll take it with me and do a more accurate recreation.

      1. I had to look closer to figure this out, but I think it is mostly

        1. Buildings in back


        2. Concrete in foreground

        Edit: idk why my 2 is showing as a 1

  9. From Chicago, 22. That’s s perfect spot to get a great pic of the skyline. Love that you and your mom can share that special place.

    1. It actually has, you just can’t see it in this picture. There are like twice as many skyscrapers as in ’82.

    1. The different focal length of the different cameras makes the city look farther away. Not much I could do about it besides use a different camera

      1. I hate being a party pooper but I’m a stickler for details. Your mother’s photo had to have been taken from somewhere just south of where the 31st street harbor is now, not Promontory Point. About [here](
        https://goo.gl/maps/qitsghAtsWC2). The perspective from that location matches her photo much more closely. The angular distance between McCormick Place (short black building in foreground) and the Aon Center (tall white building on right) does not match between the two photos. That wouldn’t change with just a change in focal length.

          1. She poops at parties? She poops at parties so that other people know that she poops at parties?

      1. Five minutes in Photoshop and you’d think they were taken on the same day, so that’s fixable. (Well, except for the skyline!)

        Great shot!

          1. Yeah that’s what I was just thinking too he didn’t even say anything bad and even complimented the shot

          2. I was just trying to let her know the vintage effect is not a lost cause if that really concerns her! 🙁

        1. Yeah, I just used an app on my phone. I’m sure someone who knows what they’re doing could do it better!

          Thanks! 🙂

  10. What a fun way to celebrate your mom OP, really cool. Also, buttsize cannot be confirmed via this photo, so it is undetermined whether username checks out, /u/bigbuttsam (jk ofc).

  11. This is a beautiful picture. Love the soft light and sepia colours. Having two beautiful women and a time capsule effect doesn’t hurt either.

  12. Just think. In 21 years from now, your kid will be doing the exact same pose in the exact same place. Your mom is really going to flip for starting this tradition.

  13. Your dress looks more late 50’s. Not a slam, just saying it kind of runs afoul of the time capsule quality.

  14. It’s really cool comparing the skyline and those trees. Some new faces, some with so much history I can’t imagine. What are those markers behind you?

  15. very nice picture. My better half did this last year w/identical clothes and a vintage filter. We have framed it but she will not let me post it here.

  16. Look at how far Chicago has drifted, i bet by the time this girls daughter is 21 the city wont even be able to be seen. So sad.

  17. Does anyone else miss how cameras used to make pictures look like the top one? Sort of warm and fuzzy, like we were all living in a daydream or something.

  18. Huh… the Chicago skyline doesn’t look like it’s changed much. Are there not a lot of newer buildings? I’m in Seattle and the whole Seattle-Bellevue metro sprawl has exploded over the last 30 years. The skyline is completely changed compared to where it was during my childhood. Went from being big to simply massive.

  19. The island looks the same distance on both pictures but the downtown looks much closer in the older picture. Did the downtown drift away a little over the years?

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