1. It also helps that Ryan Stiles is around 6’5″, he always looks shorter next to him (well, because he is but you know what I mean).

  1. Okay, so here is the skit:

    You have a hipster son that, at the age of 27, is finally moving out of your basement. You go to a bar with him to celebrate only to discover that he is in fact moving into your attic.

  2. I imagine him asking you to go to coke in the bathroom and he cuts out two lines then does one and he impatiently waits for you to ask “whose line is that?” then he cracks up says “mine” then walks away uncontrollably laughing

  3. An ex of mine said she met him a couple of times. She grew up in the same town as his nephew or something and he would come to his plays every once in a while

  4. I did that finger point pose the time I meet and took a picture with Neil Degrasse Tyson. I regret it eveytime I see that picture.

  5. Did you ask him whether or not those scenes he is famous for were scripted or actually genuinely impromptu?

  6. Him and Ryan taught me comedy at a very young age. Watching whose line as a kid I believe gave me a great since or humour.

      1. Well I thought I was someone famous. Turns out it’s just Colin Morchrie being a guy doing whatever the fuck Colin Morchrie does.

  7. Someone on Reddit kept having sleep paralysis episodes and they drew what they saw and the demon they saw and drew looked just like this guy.

  8. Was he super nice and friendly? I met him years ago after seeing the “Colin and Brad Show” and he chatted with my friends and me for a few minutes about improv and comedy.

  9. From the thumbnail i was trying to figure out if colin mochrie was excited to meet kevin smith or vice versa.

  10. I saw a guy the other day who I thought could’ve been him. I stared just long enough to be sure it wasn’t, but I would’ve been super excited, too.

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