1. all puppies grow up dumbass and fyi breeding information says that they are indeed a bite risk and need heavy socializing

          1. *By nature* They can be trained to be, just like any dog, and a pits bite is a lot stronger, but literally no dog is inherently vicious. And folks that say it are fucking idiotic in my book ><

          2. Dogs are nice but you don’t have to be a jaded retard that doesn’t acknowledge that certain breeds were engineered for fighting or guard duty and as such need way more training.

          3. Just because they are more physically capable of causing harm doesn’t mean they are automatically vicious. Plenty of breeds are known for stubbornness, including jack russell terriers, but no one calls them vicious. You go around calling people “retards” yet you’re the one buying into the media’s portrayal of pit bulls as vicious.

          4. I have a Jack Russell terrier. He’s a live wire but the fact remains that he is indeed tiny so if he rushes someone they just chase his ass and he scrams. If a Doberman rushes someone it’s frightening and he can do real damage. You sound like you just want to ignore the facts of these dog’s physiques and the fact that they do trip out on occasion.

  1. When a husky and pitbull love each other you have an owner who didn’t take enough care and has created more dogs without basic attention paid to breeding healthy animals that are in demand.

    This isn’t cute it’s irresponsible. Litters like this show basic animal husbandry was not being practiced.

    Also your crossing two breeds which can have very high levels of exercise needed funding homes that can provide this is rare.

    The owner failed.

    1. On the flip side, isn’t it good for different breeds to mate? This leads to genetic diversification and fewer health issues.

      1. From a genetic standpoint, sure, but the point is that the world doesn’t need any more dogs right now.

    2. I saw these on a Facebook pets page. Owners were irresponsible with intact animals. You can’t keep dogs like that together and not expect some puppies. They were being idiots.

  2. ‘Ol GB is typing too fast when spamming these links. Seems he added a typo to this one. Or he’s Mario.

    1. I feel like other references would be picked up by just about everyone, but this one’s less likely unless you actually read the books, which is nice.

  3. Can’t you please neuter/spay your animals, please please please? We have enough mutts in shelters already.

    1. Genuine question, do you think they wont be adopted? Ive never had any pets so I dont know much about this stuff, but is it really all about purebreds?

      I mean to me, these little guys looks cute and if theyre friendly thatd be enough for me as a hypothetical potential pet owner.

      Again, I really know nothing. Please educate me haha

      1. Yes these pups may be adopted, but that means others won’t (thereby overcrowding shelters, etc.). There’s only so many homes available for pets.

      2. Huskies are fun but challenging dogs, and require more exercise and training than the average person is willing and able to give. They often end up in shelters as adults because of this.

        Pit-bulls (and any mixes that look sufficiently pit-bullish) frequently end up in shelters because it is very difficult to find rental homes that allow them. They also have an unfortunate reputation and many people are afraid of them, making them less adoptable.

        While the dogs in this particular litter may very well luck out and find permanent homes, there are literally hundreds of thousands of dogs in the US who are euthanized every year in animal shelters. The dog supply far exceeds the demand, and adding more to the pool only guarantees suffering for others until things balance out a bit more.

  4. Oh good. A whiney, needy, recalcitrant dog that is also predisposed to random violence. But hey, those are pretty blue eyes.

    I’ll see myself out…

  5. Where can I get one? I’m 100% serious

    Edit: I’m being downvoted for wanting to adopt one of OP’s puppies..?

          1. No shit, that’s why I asked. Then again, I shouldn’t really be helping someone who wants a dog based solely on its looks and downvotes the people who reply. Good luck.

  6. I have a husky female and a Catahoula Cur male, both of them had blue eyes. They made the prettiest puppies in the whole goddamn world.

  7. I’ve seen one of these dogs in person. The picture does not do their eyes justice. They are almost neon blue.

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