1. His tie clip is touching his belt.

      A good rule of thumb is if your dick can touch your tie clip you either have a huge dick or you are 105.

    1. Also during the civil rights era…reminds me of whenever my grandma talks about the times growing up under Imperial Japanese rule. Really makes you realize that all of this stuff didn’t happen too long ago.

      1. I talked to someone once who had a great aunt (maybe great great aunt) that heard a first hand account of the Civil War. That’s completely wild.

        1. That’s crazy. How long did she live? Reminds me of the guy present at Lincoln’s assassination that lived long enough to recall his experience on television in the 50’s.

        2. The last widow of a veteran from the american civil war died in 2003. Yes, there was some large age differences involved.

          1. In the 70s I lived across the street from an old lady whos manservant was a direct descendant of her family’s slaves.

            /Austin, TX right next to the Pease Mansion across from Clarksville

    1. That was his first and only car, his brother crashed it. He says that cars are a bad investment so he walks everywhere and rode horses in his younger days. He still walked to church every Sunday.

  1. Happy 105th to your uncle Fred! I wholeheartedly approve of the fridge magnet takeover in the background. At my house there is a box covered in magnets that happens to double as a fridge hah

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