1. Your username gives way that you Don’t know you can communicate to people without first connecting to a vpn.

    1. I’d hate wearing this shirt, I don’t want people to know I have an opinion because then they might talk to me.

  1. I mean, it’s a fun shirt and all but it’s not like Wonder Woman punching a fascist is a rare thing.

    1. “Every day” is always two words when you mean “each day” or “daily.”

      “Everyday” is an adjective that means “mundane.”

        1. My pleasure! Please spread the knowledge around when you get the chance.

          It’s an everyday mistake that I see every day.

    2. > there something like this about trump everyday now on reddit

      I look at it like this. When you’re trapped in a burning building. The fire is probably going to be the main topic of conversation until it is put out.

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