Can you help me learn more about Quantum Discord and its implications for Quantum Information Theory?

Hello, I’m a modern physics enthusiast/computer science student and I’ve been trying to probe the bleeding edge to see what theoretical physics has come up with. First I found this experiment where scientists entangled 12 photons with a single chain of a trillion rubidium atoms:
Here’s a article:

That totally blew me away, then I found out about another recent development in quantum information theory called quantum discord, where you don’t necessarily need particles to be in ground states to take advantage of “quantum correlations” beyond entanglement, which you can use to encode information. Here’s a great article I found by a researcher:

There seems to be little discussion in this emerging area from what I can find, yet it seems so profound for the realms of physics, language, and computation. Can y’all help me learn more and point me to good resources? Perhaps I can start the discussion here and get more people excited for these developments. This next paper I’m linking contains quite a lot of good reading that I’ve been going through:

I haven’t found much in the way of insight or imagination on the topic beyond the technical study, at least without stepping into woo woo.

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