1. You can buy this photo on my website (jaxsonpohlmanphotography.com/store)

      This photo is a composite of three photos of mine. If you want to know more, feel free to ask.

  1. Hate to be that guy….. But this is most likely *extensively* shooped. I grew up in Alaska, northern lights most of the winter in one degree or another….. But northern lights don’t make a house all glowy lol.

    It does look creepy and cool….. But Aurora Borealis are a high altitude atmospheric phenomenon, not a terrestrial one.

    If you go to see the northern lights expecting to see this, you’re going to be disappointed… OTOH, this picture fails to convey the beauty, range of color, and dynamic motion of the northern lights, so at least you’ll be pleasantly surprised by that.

    1. Every pic of Northern lights or milky way is shopped stitched or multi layered af, taking good pictures is 50/50 in photography and editing skills.

    2. Not saying it isn’t shopped but it looks like that glow in the house is just it being open on the other side and seeing the sky and blueish field behind it

  2. Here is the setting for an awesome horror movie/story! Now all we need is someone with an awesome imagination and storytelling skills. Sadly, that person is not me. Any takers? OP?

  3. The northern lights are something I’d love to see because no matter how many pictures or video I see it looks amazing but just seems not real and edited. This is a pretty amazing photograph.

    1. It was a very surreal experience. It starts off barely visible, you actually have to look off to the side to notice the slight green glow off in your peripheral vision. Then it suddenly gets much brighter and the way it dances like a curtain blowing in the wind is something that can’t be replicated by simply watching a video.

  4. I know is r/pics, but is this not a painting(sorry if dumb question)?
    Hard to believe this exists irl(meant as a compliment), seems so out-of-this-world-ish.

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