1. Without the backstory this picture looks like the lady on the left is smiling because plan to get the lady on the right out of the office is working

  2. ”Feeling hot now Kathleen?! Bet you’re feeling hot now Kathleen!!!! YOU’RE A REAL HOT BITCH NOW AREN’T YOU KATHLEEN! BWOAAAAAAR YES!”

    1. Yes. She had to trim out a small section of burned, melted hair, but you couldn’t even tell the next day.

  3. Not a whole lot of backstory to elaborate on with this one. We were celebrating the birthday of the woman on the right, and she had just blown out all the candles on her birthday cake. In doing so, a section of her hair got too close to one of the candles. That conference room smelled like burnt hair for weeks.

  4. I bet the girl on the left realized. This is just a moment before she realized she shouldn’t be seen smiling, and started acting concerned.

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